What is Membership Card?

Membership Card is our way of rewarding you for choosing Purple. You can earn Member points every time you shop with us. With the Purple Card, you will receive 1 point for every RM 2 spent in our shop, plus a lot more rewards!

Why should you join?

Once you have accumulated 250 or more Member Points, we will convert them into Cash Vouchers.
When you collect 500 Points within 6 months, you will get a Special Cash Vouchers RM20
Remark:( once time within 6 month)

How To Earn Points & Redeem Points

** Points earned are calculated on Nett amount spent and are rounded down to nearest point.
** Your Cash Vouchers will receive on specified Purple Fashion branch. (T&C apply)
** 5X bonus point will only be awarded in birthday month, after Purple card activation and for first purchases only.
** 5X bonus points awarded will not be reflected on your transaction receipt but will be credited to your account on the 7 days working day.
** Every points counts!!!
** More you buy, more points you can accumulate and use to redeem favorite item at Purple Fashion.

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